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Virtual Reality For Kids – Everything You Need to Know


Virtual Reality has become very popular amongst kids. The use of virtual reality is being incorporated into many industries, including education. Many benefits are associated with virtual reality, but some disadvantages are also.

What is Virtual Reality for Kids?

Virtual Reality, or VR for short, is the name of a computer technology that makes the individual feel like they are somewhere else. It produces images, sounds, and other sensations that create a different place and environment.

When using virtual reality, the user puts on a headset which consists of a screen to project content and speakers that produce sound. Simulators are another form of virtual reality. They are often used in training or education to give users the feel of real-life situations.

How Can Virtual Reality Benefit Education?

Virtual Reality For Kids, Virtual Reality For Kids – Everything You Need to Know

Human interaction can never be replaced, but it can be enhanced. Students in all age categories can reap the benefits from virtual reality. It is a great tool that will enable students to have real-life experiences without being there.

Virtual reality can boost student engagement. The classrooms are equipped with adequate equipment to ensure fun and engaging learning. If the school is interactive and communicative, the students will be more excited about learning.

Experienced-based learning can also be achieved by using VR. It is achieved by providing stimulating displays. This allows students to feel like they are a part of their learning experience. They can experience what they are learning first hand.

Some schools have begun making virtual field trips. Field trips are an essential part of young children’s development and overall learning, but they cannot always be achieved due to various reasons. Field trips provide exposure and practicality to the students. Virtual reality allows students to visit certain towns or villages without leaving the classroom. This will enable them to have a broader understanding of what is happening there.

Virtual reality is also highly beneficial for distance learning. Many educational applications can be accessed using smartphones and a good internet connection. Schools have been using these applications to keep students connected to their education.

Why VR Could be Negative

There are no set age limits on the use of virtual reality. It is, however, recommended that small children and infants don’t use it. No research suggests that virtual reality can be dangerous for children. The long-term effects of virtual reality cannot yet be established as the virtual reality industry is still new.

The biggest concern amongst experts for virtual reality is its effect on the eyes. Experts worry that nearsightedness comes from being too close to something, such as a book when reading. This is very common amongst children.

There could, however, be mental side effects caused by VR. This can be caused by exposing children to negative simulations. Be sure to always choose age-appropriate games for your child.

The Best VR Games for Kids

Virtual Reality For Kids, Virtual Reality For Kids – Everything You Need to Know

Finding a suitable VR game for your child is significant. A game with educational purposes is often what parents are looking for.

The best-rated educational games are:

Number Hunt:

This game is a fast-paced VR math shooter. The shooter can battle it out with other players to reach their mathematic totals first.


This is a scientific-style game that allows the players to engage with different chemicals and proteins.

Nefertari: Journey to Eternity:

Explore the tombs of Egypt and learn about the experiences of the Egyptians and their journey into the afterlife.

Becoming homeless:

This VR game takes the player on a journey to experience what the average homeless person experiences.

Hold The World:

In this game, the player comes face to face with Sir David Attenborough as he teaches you about numerous species going as far back as the Trilobite.

Google Tour Creator:

Tour creator makes it possible for the player to build full virtual tours right from your computer.

Apollo 11 VR HD:

The game is a new remake of Apollo 11. This allows you to take the journey and experience space realistically.

Anne Frank House VR:

Anne Frank hid along with seven other victims during WWII. This VR takes you on tour around the Secret Annex they hid.

The Kremer Collection VR Museum:

This new innovative museum concept combines VR technology with world-class Old master paintings.

HoloLab Champions: 

This immerse virtual reality lab practice game show was created through support from the Institute of Education Sciences.

Why Kids VR?

Virtual reality solely works on the technological dimensions. This is combined with altered reality, making distance learning, collaboration, and training possible. This connects learners and educators and gives learners hands-on experience.

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