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Top 9 Universities for English Literature


English Literature holds many opportunities and aspects to be learned from world-changing poetry that moves the masses to the exciting complexity of its nature and forms. 

Some want to teach it, learn to speak it, and study its rich entirety. To obtain the adequate knowledge to do this, this language must be studied to ensure improvement and development of the correct skillset. 

We will look at some of the best schools worldwide that successfully uphold the criteria of the English Literature language. If you are looking for the right place of education to broaden your understanding, then let’s continue!

1. University of Oxford

It is no surprise that Oxford is at the top of our list. It has a 100% rating for its academic courses in the English language. In addition, they provide excellent supervision and personalized teaching. This means that students will work closely with the academic staff, which encourages their learning ability and ensures correct understanding of the material. Not to mention that it is the oldest surviving university in the English Literature language! Oxford also possesses a wonderfully diverse community, currently having 138 nationalities represented.

2. University of Cambridge 

Cambridge is a well-renowned university situated in the United Kingdom. It holds 3rd place as one of the best schools according to the 2022 Global World Rankings. It is the second oldest school in the English-speaking world and is an excellent choice for looking for academic improvement. Cambridge was founded by a group of scholars who left the University of Oxford due to citizens’ conflicts. Meaning the two universities share very similar attributes and features.

3. University of St Andrews

Striving to be one of the most innovative universities out there, St Andrews still upholds its prosperous 600 years of history. The university has a global orientation in Scotland, with 45% of its attendants and staff members being from outside the UK. In The Times and Sunday Times Good University Guide, it has recently beaten Oxford and Cambridge. It has had several satisfied students and brilliant teaching.

4. University of Durham 

Not only does this university have quality educational teaching, but it also ensures a memorable experience. The University of Durham is quite unique and currently represents 150 diverse countries. Its centre of teaching is outstanding and houses many extraordinary people. Not only does its welcoming community make this university a top pick, but it has also been rated the top in its English department a few times.

English Literature, Top 9 Universities for English Literature

5. University of Strathclyde 

As the leading international university, Strathclyde has been down for delivering world-class research and academic excellence for over 200 years. It gives students flexibility and forward-thinking preparation for classes. Working in partnership with multinationals and leading academics, they aspire to create helpful research and learning for the new technological age of today’s time.

6. UCL (University College London)

Despite this university’s brilliant academic teaching of the English language, it also has a stunning history of being the first university in England to openly welcome individuals of any social background, religion as well as women. They have the intention to transform how knowledge is created and the way that the world is understood. 

7. University of York

This university is dedicated to giving its students the ability to work and prosper in the diverse global workplace by teaching brilliant academic studies and inclusive culture. This will equip its learners with everything they will need to go forward and become successful. Their English department is one of the best and helps many students to achieve their dreams.

8. University of Exeter 

The University of Exeter provides students with the chance to be involved in tight-knit communities while still offering world-class facilities. It has inspiring courses and classes taught while being surrounded by beautiful and historic architecture. It aims to nurture its students and is focused on academic excellence in the teaching department and research.

9. University of Glasgow

This world-changing university was established in 1451 and has impacted the world of research and learning ever since. Located in one of the world’s most friendly cities, they provide a modern and innovative learning environment. It also offers English support options throughout your study!

Learning it All

There are many excellent universities out there—all of which specialize in different fields of academic studies and practical learning. However, if you are looking to advance or find a career involving English literature, these will be perfect options to look into!

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