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The Top Undergraduate Nursing Programs


Let My Education Compass guide you through the Top Undergraduate Nursing Programs! Nurses are some of the most critical healthcare workers. Hospitals and medical facilities would surely crumble without them. Doctors give a diagnosis, but nurses are the ones that take care of you. It is often an underappreciated career, yet it is the most fulfilling.

What is an Undergraduate Nursing Program, and What are the Best Nursing Programs in the U.S.

undergraduate nursing programs, The Top Undergraduate Nursing Programs

An Undergraduate Nursing program provides you with a bachelor’s degree. This degree prepares you for general nursing and midwifery duties. As a nurse, you’ll work collaboratively with physicians, therapists, patients, and families. In addition, you’ll focus on treating illnesses to improve your quality of life. 

In an undergraduate nursing program, you’re taught about various care protocols. For example, undergraduate nursing students are taught how to measure and record vital signs, administer medications, and obtain data to help doctors make a diagnosis. 

undergraduate nursing programs, The Top Undergraduate Nursing Programs

The best nursing programs in the U.S. nursing schools teach students other skills such as:

  • Correct documentation procedures that safeguard patient data. As well as how to keep it organized and accessible to other authorized parties. 
  • How to properly delegate duties to the unlicensed nursing support staff. This ensures the increase of quality care.
  • How to control the environment of a patient to ensure minimal chances of infection and improve all levels of care
  • How to encourage all collaborative efforts between professionals. This will improve patient outcomes. 

In addition to these skills, nurses are also taught how to:

  • Correctly measure and record vital signs.
  • Obtain essential data that could help a doctor with a diagnosis.
  • Clean and sterilize multi-use equipment and tools.
  • Explain aftercare and medications to patients and ensure they understand.

The Best Nursing Programs in the U.S.

There are multiple nursing programs available in the U.S. The Coronavirus pandemic has increased the demand for healthcare providers. Nurses fall under those who are highest in demand. Hospitals cannot function without nurses. 

Take a look at undergraduate nursing programs and the best nursing programs in the U.S.:

University of Pennsylvania:

undergraduate nursing programs, The Top Undergraduate Nursing Programs

Rated #1 in Nursing, the Pen Nursing program advances the entire nursing profession. They focus on research, education, practice, and policy. 

Duke University:

Duke University offers an accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing program. They also provide a second-degree program for students who have already finished their bachelor’s but are looking to advance their knowledge.

University of Washington:

The University of Washington offers the Nursing School. In addition, they have multiple research centers to ensure quality learning. 

Emory University:

Emory University offers a nursing school that is a global leader in nursing education and leadership. They are known for a strong student-professor connection. They also provide a collaborative approach to learning. 

The University of Michigan–Ann Arbor:

At the University of Michigan school of nursing, their goal is to educate nurses that can deliver patient care that goes beyond expectations. They offer rigorous but rewarding education full of opportunities to prepare you for fundamental world nursing. 

Why Choose Undergraduate Nursing Programs

undergraduate nursing programs, The Top Undergraduate Nursing Programs

Nursing is a career for those who are dedicated to helping others. As a nurse, you’ll face many challenges but just as many rewards. You will be able to improve the well-being of the community. 

You will make a difference by helping people in need, but you’ll also feel good doing so. Nursing means focusing on the patient. You’ll save lives, bring happiness, and heal those in need in this career. You will work with many patients. Some of those patients might need mental health help or be rehabilitated. You’ll learn about midwifery as well as aged care. Different areas in which you could make a positive impact.

Nursing is a job that is in high demand. Hospitals and healthcare facilities are highly understaffed. This means that they need nurses to employ. Therefore, you won’t quickly become unemployed as a nurse. 

You’ll have room to grow professionally as well. You could even find employment at a school. As a nurse, you aren’t limited to hospitals and healthcare facilities. Nursing allows you to learn a diverse set of skills. This includes referencing, essential infection control, human biology, and research and exam techniques. 

The Choice is Yours The Best Nursing Programs in the U.S.

Nursing is for you if you enjoy caring for others and want to save lives. Nursing allows you to grow as an individual. It’s a rewarding practice. Choosing the right school will ensure you learn all the necessary skills to succeed in your nursing career.

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