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Public Health Masters Degrees


Public health masters degrees are great career choices. It equips you with knowledge and understanding, giving you the skills needed to carry out public health work. 

Why are Public Health Masters Degrees so Important

Public Health Masters Degrees, Public Health Masters Degrees

The studies of public health professionals are essential in fighting against diseases and illnesses that kill humans. Public Health professionals that have either studied for a Public Health degree or a health studies-related course are always looking for new ways to cure common, sometimes deadly illnesses. This counts for all diseases, including diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and dementia.

One of the great qualities of Public Health is its preventative nature. Public Health professionals do their best to ensure that dangerous and deadly diseases do not spread. In addition, these professionals do their best to prolong the lives of the human race. They are diverse and consider the whole population when focusing on current health issues. 

Public Health plays a significant role in ensuring people are aware of health hazards by using educational programs campaigns and through the influence of government policies. When you work in Public Health, you become the voice for individuals who would otherwise not be heard.  

What Can I do With Public Health Masters Degrees

To make the world a healthier place is the goal for those in Public Health. They have long been responsible for implementing policies that have improved people’s health worldwide. For example, public health has benefited the world with vaccination programs, family planning, and preventive medicine, to name a few. 

An overview of jobs you can get with a Master’s in Public Health:

Health Informatics Specialist:

With an average salary of 62,600 USD a year, why would you not be interested in a position like this? Your employers would consist of food and drug administration clinics, clinical biostatistics organizations, local governments, and numerous other public health organizations. 

Public Health Masters Degrees, Public Health Masters Degrees

The primary duties of a health informatics specialist are:

  • To develop efficient statistical protocols
  • To monitor and analyze different databases and data analysis software
  • To collect data reports using statistics, mathematics, and computer science skills. 

Healthcare Administrator:

As a Healthcare Administrator, your central employees will be hospitals, clinics, healthcare facilities, and wellness centers. Therefore, you could expect an income of about 65,500 USD a year. 

Your duties as a healthcare administrator are:

  • The coordination and management of healthcare services provided to clients, the health programs, and staff and budgets. 
  • You’ll have to contact various organizations such as health equipment suppliers. 
  • You need to get involved with public healthcare policies, improving or perhaps solving specific issues found in the healthcare system. 


For about 62,900 USD a year, you’ll be employed by health institutes, local and national public health departments, and private companies. 

Your duties will include:

  • Training and educating policymakers about disease and infections. 
  • Collecting data, monitoring epidemics, and providing reports based on your data.
  •  To evaluate government as well as local health agencies. 

Public Health Project Manager:

Working for NGOs, social work associations, government agencies, and research institutions will make you an average of 75,400 USD a year. 

Your role as a Public Health Project Manager is to:

  • Assign tasks and manage staff members. 
  • Evaluate how different projects progress. You’ll also have to find ways to improve overall efficiency. 
  • Ensure that staff offer periodic updates, document various project activities, and write reports. 

Health and Safety Engineer:

As a health and safety engineer, you’ll make approximately 76,000 USD a year. You’ll mainly be employed by the government, construction companies, and technology companies.

The everyday tasks you’ll perform are:

  • Checking the new machinery and equipment plans to ensure they meet all the safety requirements.
  • Identifying potential hazards in various facilities, machinery, and safety equipment.
  • The installation of safety devices on machinery.
  • The verification of employee safety programs and suggestions for improvements. 

Where Can I Get My Master’s in Public Health

Public Health Masters Degrees, Public Health Masters Degrees

You might be wondering from where you could obtain your master’s in public health. 

Take a look at the possible Universities below:

The Top 5 Universities for your Master’s in Public Health:

University of San Francisco:

As a graduate, you gain knowledge and skills to help improve the population’s health in different communities around the world.

Georgetown University:

The University offers a unique interdisciplinary, evidence-based training program. This program prepares its students to help solve global healthcare problems. 

Rice University:

Public Health Masters Degrees, Public Health Masters Degrees

The degree offered by Rice University trains students in bioscience and health policy. They do this to create new options for students in science who are interested in working in healthcare management. 

Northeastern Illinois University:

This University encourages its students to impact the healthcare field and community. 

Nova Southeastern University:

At Nova Southeastern University, they offer a Dual Admission program. This allows students to earn both their bachelor’s and master’s degrees in five years. 

The End Result of Public Health Masters Degrees

Obtaining your Public Health Master’s degree is beneficial for you and your community. You will be able to make a real difference in the world while doing something you love. 

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