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Complete Guide – Political Science Degree


A political science degree offers many great career opportunities and the chance to learn new skills.

What is a Political Science Degree

A degree in Political science requires no lab coat. Political Science is a general overview of political institutions and behavior. It is a social science related to history and anthropology than biology and chemistry. The typical concentrations when pursuing a degree in political science include the study of American Politics, comparative government, political theory, and law and public policy. In addition, at most colleges and universities, the study of political science in the United States sums up how governmental actions and policies affect the population’s behavior. This makes courses on race and gender and how they relate to politics extremely popular. There are many specific concentrations available under a political science degree umbrella. The political science program focuses on international relations, sociology, and economics.

Can I Study Political Science Online

Political Science Degree, Complete Guide – Political Science Degree

It is entirely possible to obtain your political science degree online. Online studies are also known as distance learning. With online studies, you can get most, or even your entire degree, entirely online. This means that you do not need to attend classes on campus but can do so from your own home. There are various reasons why someone would choose distance learning. It all depends on the circumstances of the individual. Studying online has many benefits, such as flexible hours, studying at your own pace, and studying from wherever you are. 

Schools to Obtain Your Degree

Choosing the right school could be a challenge, especially if you’re unsure which schools offer the degree. It’s essential to find a school that you’ll be comfortable in. Perhaps you’d prefer to obtain your degree online. The choice remains yours. 

  • Adelphi University: This private based institution makes use of a semester-based calendar. The tuition and fees are $42,475. In addition, the university offers smaller classes which provides students with a much calmer environment. 
  • Albertus Magnus College: With tuition and fees around $36,442, this private college allows students to feel at home in a safe environment with small classes. Social Sciences is one of the most popular majors at this college. 
  • Allen University: This university offers a greek system. 10% of the student body is involved in sororities. The university is well known for its student services, ensuring the best for all students. 
  • American International College: At American International College, students are welcomed into an urban setting. The tuition for this university is $38,220. They have financial advisors on campus to help you make the best financial decisions for your college payment. 

Careers With a Political Science Degree

Political Science Degree, Complete Guide – Political Science Degree

Choosing Political Science as a major will allow you to enter a wide variety of careers. 

Policy Analyst: The role of a policy analyst is to apply what they have learned as a student. As a policy analyst, you need to devise a sound thesis and build a good argument for or against a particular policy initiative. The average salary for a policy analyst is $59,135. 

Legislative Assistant: As a legislative assistant, your role is to assist assembly members, senators, representatives, and other elected officials at different levels of government in completing their duties. They would often assess the interest of constituents regarding current political issues. The average salary for a policy analyst is $40,299.

Public Relations Specialists: Your role as a public relations specialist would influence public opinion about your clients. You’ll do this by mostly placing stories in the media. As a political science major, you develop all the necessary writing skills that you’ll need to draft great press releases. The average salary for a public relations specialist is $61,150

Social Media Manager: The opinion of the public is shaped by social media. People such as political candidates, officials, parties, and other interest groups require social media managers. The social media managers monitor constituents’ views about things such as their administration and other current issues. 

Other career options include:

  • Marketing Research Analyst
  • Political Consultant
  • Attorney
  • Intelligence Analyst
  • Political Campaign Staff

In a Nutshell

Obtaining your degree in political science opens many doors for future employment. 

Financial security and high-ranking jobs are guaranteed with a degree in political science. 

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