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Literature Degree vs English Degree


Language is power – discovering literature degree vs English degree with My Education Compass. It is what we use to communicate effectively. The differences in languages are beautiful, from active speaking to literature. It is a form of art. A degree in literature and English are not the same. There are some significant differences between the two. 

What is a Literature Degree

Literature Degree vs English Degree, Literature Degree vs English Degree

When working towards your degree in literature, literature will also become your primary. When you’re a literature major, you focus on specific themes and literary eras throughout history. Literature majors focus on different genres such as historical fiction, magical realism, and memoir. In addition, when working towards your literature degree, you’ll focus on courses such as creative writing, British literature, and South African literature. These courses also often branch into different periods, such as American writing during the 20th century. 

You’ll find a literature major very rewarding if you love narrative fiction and writing. Literature allows students to focus on interpretation and explore philosophical and moral questions. When working towards your degree in literature, you can expect to read a large variety of texts and research how relatable it is to a specific time and place. 

What is an English Degree

Literature Degree vs English Degree, Literature Degree vs English Degree

The key difference between literature and English majors is that English majors focus on communication effectiveness. They take literature courses and study grammar, rhetoric, and linguistics. English majors focus on how storytelling can captivate audiences, convey meaning, and create change. The modern English degree programs distinguish between traditional and digital communication. They also focus on how different skills may be effective in different environments. As an English major, you’ll become an excellent communicator. This is due to a curriculum that focuses on extensive reading, writing, research, and discussion.

How Are They Similar?Literature Degree vs English Degree

Students majoring in English or literature would daily use their love for the written word. They do this as they refine their reading, writing, and research skills. When they graduate, they’ll find that these skills are applicable in journalism, publishing, and education. The programs prepare students of both majors to pursue a master’s degree in a specialized area. These areas include rhetoric and writing, media studies, journalism, and law. 

Choosing Which Is Right for You

Literature Degree vs English Degree, Literature Degree vs English Degree

These two degrees and their programs seem similar, but they aren’t. They offer different experiences and outcomes. If your interest lies in analyzing the works from different eras, your desired major could be Literature Degree vs English Degree. Maryville University offers an online Bachelor of Arts in English degree. This program advances your communication skills and covers the importance of literature as well.  Now, its time you decide – Literature Degree vs English Degree?

Possible Careers

With both degrees offering so many opportunities, it could be hard to categorize which option goes where. 

Possible Careers With a Literature Degree:

Literature Degree vs English Degree, Literature Degree vs English Degree

There are a variety of careers that a student with a literature degree can pursue after graduation. They can work in many different fields, including journalism, marketing, and public relations, with their obtained skills. 

  • Literary Editor: 

As a literary editor, you’ll work with writers. Your role will be to fine-tune the wording, structure, and thematic elements of manuscripts that have been selected for publication.

  • Journalist:

With the research and communication skills, literature graduates can report events as they unfold. This allows them to present accurate accounts in newspapers, magazines, or digital versions.

  • Author:

Many literature majors dream of becoming authors. No matter what type of writing you choose, the degree will allow it—providing all the skills necessary to make a success out of your piece. 

  • Public Relations Specialist:

In this role, your primary focus is communication. You will not only write press releases but manage social media accounts and communicate with the public. As a public relations specialist, you require advanced writing and verbal skills. 

Possible Careers With an English Degree:

Literature Degree vs English Degree, Literature Degree vs English Degree

As an English major, it’s possible to apply your skills to various fields. You can easily find work in advertising, education, nonprofits, and media with an English degree. English majors have an exceptional ability to read, analyze and communicate, making them assets in many fields and industries. 

  • Teacher:

English majors often succeed as teachers because of their communication skills and subject-matter expertise. In addition, the understanding an English major has of grammar, sentence structure, and literary periods make for great teachers.

  • Copywriter:

As a copywriter, you need to show an understanding of word choice and structure. Creativity is also essential. An English major is often required to study a wide variety of successful market campaigns. This gives them the ability to create content for business across all industries. 

  • Researcher:

When studying towards an English degree, you must have vital research and analysis skills. This carries over towards the workplace. 

  • Grant Writer:

For nonprofits to thrive, they need grant writers. They follow strict guidelines, which is where English majors can fall in. Grant writers are required in order to help nonprofits secure funding. 

Which Will You ChooseLiterature Degree vs English Degree

It could be hard to choose between the two majors. They are very different in studies and possible career choices. Making a choice is entirely up to you. Both degrees offer great career choices with financial security.

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