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Good Colleges for Political Science!


Finding good colleges for political science may be a daunting task for you! There are many to choose from and the choices can make spin! If you are looking for political science PhD programs your search may also need to expand!

Having a degree in Political Science will offer you many career options and opportunities in the private and public sectors. These careers can take you anywhere with jobs in government, law, business and international and civic organisations. With Political Science courses being ranked number 21 in popularity across colleges around the United States, choosing the right school and program can significantly impact your future with this chosen career. With 781 colleges around the country, we found Political Science to be one of the most sought after courses in 2022. Therefore, we have narrowed down and selected 5 good colleges for Political Science to see if any spark your interest do consider political science PhD programs too:

Dartmouth College

good colleges for political science, Good Colleges for Political Science!

Dartmouth College is located in the remote small town of Hanover. With a number 6 ranking out of colleges nationwide, it is clear that Dartmouth is an exceptional school all around. In the last data year, 129 Political Science and Government students graduated with a degree. We also found that graduates from Dartmouth tend to receive much higher salaries and perks. 

University of Pennsylvania

good colleges for political science, Good Colleges for Political Science!

Also known as UPenn, they are a relatively large private university situated in Philadelphia. Their faculty has grown by 50% in the last decade as Political Science has become a trendy career path. Dartmouth offers four significant subfields in the subject, concentrating on approaches and methodologies to Political Science. UPenn prides itself on having a non-biased outlook and provides the same opportunities with no matter your age, sex or race. With this diversity, UPenn is quickly becoming one of the most famous institutions in America. 

Cornell University

good colleges for political science, Good Colleges for Political Science!

Cornell is based in Ithaca, New York and is an extensive private Ivy League research University. Cornell uses the term “Government’ for its Political Science program. They focus on the philosophical and normative foundations of politics nationally and internationally. Students need to take at least two out of four introductory courses where they will receive a comprehensive introduction to the tools and approaches of Political Science. If you are interested in obtaining a Master’s degree, you must complete 10 Government courses to apply for the distinction. Cornell also offers extensive political science PhD programs!

Georgetown University

good colleges for political science, Good Colleges for Political Science!

Washington DC lies Georgetown University. First opened in 1789, they have expanded to include nine undergraduate and graduate schools. Their Department of Political Science and Government provides scholars with practical and theoretical knowledge on the subject and hone in on developing skills within this discipline. These skills include analytical thinking, writing and communication, which are all necessary tools in this chosen field. Accordingly, Georgetown prioritises hiring faculty members of the highest calibre who contribute to expanding learners’ skills, creating an open and intellectually challenging atmosphere.

University of Notre Dame

good colleges for political science, Good Colleges for Political Science!
May 16, 2011; Main Quad aerial..Photo by Matt Cashore/University of Notre Dame

Notre Dame is considered a private Catholic Research University in Notre Dame, Indiana. They have been ranked in the top 5% in the country for their excellence in this field of study.

Their Political Science program educates students to understand the political forces that shape our lives. The program combines the study of government and political forces with an academic understanding of the implementation of public policies. Political science PhD programs are also options at this university!

Choosing a college for you can be a daunting task. However, the right college degree can set you on track to better job opportunities and earning potential. Selecting the right college to achieve your personal and professional goals is critical in your future successes. Here are a few factors to think about for good colleges for political science before you make this life-changing choice. 

The first factor is often location. By staying close to home, you can benefit by saving on hostel or on-campus costs. Another aspect to consider is the size of the college. Smaller colleges offer a sense of community, and as they may not provide as many programs, they often offer specialised degrees. Better colleges provide a great financial plan and good financial aid packages when needed. Ensure to talk to an academic advisor about scholarships, loans, or grants. Totalling the costs of books, transportation, boarding fees, and miscellaneous student fees should be considered when choosing the right college for you.

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