1. What is My Education Compass About?

My Education Compass is a website that is dedicated to helping students and those with ambition find out more about their educational options. MEC also helps you keep up to date with the latest news in the field of studies and schooling. Whether it be finding the perfect college or expanding on your skills, there’s sure to be a topic and guide to assist you in achieving your educational goals.

2. When Was My Education Established?

My Education Compass was established in 2011.

3. What Topics Does My Education Compass Cover?

My Education Compass covers a wide range of topics relating to education. Some of these categories include:
● Computer Science
● Government/Political Science
● Continuing Education
● Communications
● For Parents
● Culinary
● Business
● Career
● Food
● Health
● Chemical Engineering
● Arts
● Biology
● Economics
My Education Compass makes sure to provide readers with extensive information and coverage on any educational aspect they may be seeking.

4. What Age Range and Genre Does My Education Compass Cover?

My Education Compass focuses on providing anyone looking for information on further studies, schooling and news on the field of education with all they may need. The targeted audience for MEC is anyone who is looking to expand their knowledge, students seeking out guidance for further learning, parental figures as well as educators. It’s never too late to learn something new, which is exactly why My Education Compass welcomes anyone who’s interested in expanding their honing their skills and understanding their options.

5. How Can I Subscribe?

If you’re interested in keeping up to date with My Education Compass simply go to the web address www.myeducationcompass.com and there will be an easy to follow option to subscribe to newsletters. This will give you updates on all new MEC content!

6. I Need Information on Something Specific. Can You Help?

Yes! My Education Compass is here to help with any queries or guidance relating to education. Feel free to contact us via email or send us a message on any of our social media platforms:
Email – info@myeducationcompass.com
Instagram – @myeducationcompass
Facebook – My Education Compass

7. Does My Education Compass Focus on a Certain Type of Education?

My Education Compass covers many topics on education whether it be early childhood education, primary education, secondary education or tertiary education. We provide information on all educational news and options no matter the phase of schooling, however we do aim to provide extensive guidance on choosing the right college/university as well as helpful tips to make the transition less stressful!

8. Where is My Education Compass based?

My Education Compass is based in Florida, however we aim to assist students and those interested in learning more about education no matter where they are! We encourage all to visit the MEC website and our social media platforms as we hope to inspire and help whoever may need an extra hand with their education.

9. Where Can I see More from My Education Compass?

To keep updated and see more from My Education Compass you can follow us on our social media platforms which include:
Instagram – @myeducationcompass
Facebook – My Education Compass
Linkedin – My Education Compass
My Education Compass updates and posts regularly so make sure you dont miss out on getting all the latest news on all things education!

10. Could you recommend any educational products, services, or courses?

We can’t wait to share some amazing services to you – keep your eyes open on all of our social media pages!