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How Much Do Culinary Schools Cost?


If you are considering culinary school, you may be wondering, what do culinary schools cost? A culinary school is a place you go to learn how to cook and create art with food. With all the possibilities culinary school offers, you might be considering enrollment. 

What are the Main Aspects of Culinary School?

Culinary school is about more than just making food. You’ll learn about the foundational methods of cooking as well as life lessons, including organization, time management, discipline, and problem-solving. 

These are all crucial to cooking. You’ll learn why foods do what they do and how to stop it from happening again. You’ll also learn how to fix minor cooking mistakes and balanced flavors. 

The Five Essential Cooking Skills You Will Learn Are:

Culinary Schools Cost, How Much Do Culinary Schools Cost?
  • Knife skills used in cooking: It’s not easy to cook without knives. You’ll be taught how to use them correctly in the kitchen. You’ll learn about different grips, such as the force grip and control grip.
  • The four effects of heat when cooking food: Food goes through different cooking stages. Each is happening at a different heat. You’ll learn why you always need to start cooking with a hot pan. You’ll also learn about the four cooking stages: gelatinization of starches, coagulation of proteins, evaporation of moisture, and the caramelization of sugars and when they happen during the cooking process.
  • Different cooking sauces: Sauce is an important part of each meal. You will learn how to prepare various sauces in culinary school and pair them to a meal.
  • Spices and Herbs used in cooking: Culinary school will teach you what spices and herbs not to use in your food. You’ll also learn how to administer spices properly and bring out the flavors you desire. 
  • How to master your cooking methods: Recipes aren’t used much in culinary school. Instead, you’ll learn cooking methods such as grilling, broiling, roasting, baking, sauteing, pan-frying, deep-frying, steaming, submersion cooking, braising, and stewing.

The cooking methods you’ll learn in culinary school will pay for themselves when you start creating masterpieces.

Price Range of Top Culinary Schools

If you want to enroll in the best, you should be prepared to pay the price. As nothing of quality comes cheap, there’s no doubt that culinary school won’t be any different. Culinary school is an investment that eventually pays for itself. 

It’s important to note that schools with higher-ranged tuition fees often include kitchen toolkits, textbooks, externship programs, and career and job placement programs. Schools with lower-ranged tuition fees often only provide the chef instructors and the learning space. Tuition for culinary school can range anything from $10,000 to $60,000. This will all depend on what the school offers. 

Top 10 culinary schools around the world:

Culinary Schools Cost, How Much Do Culinary Schools Cost?

Culinary Institute of Savannah:

Tuition: $11,570

You’ll be able to choose between four-degree programs.

These programs are:

  • Associate degree in of Culinary Arts
  • Associate degree in Culinary Baking with Pastry Arts
  • Diplomas in Culinary Arts or choose Culinary Baking with Pastry Arts
  • Technical certifications for food manufacturing employees
  • Homework cooks

Trenholm state technical college:

Tuition: $11,876

Upon completion, you’ll receive an associate’s degree in culinary arts. This college is home to the largest Culinary arts program in Alabama.

Pierpont Community and technical college: 

Tuition: $12,486

You’ll be able to complete AAS degrees in culinary arts, dietary, pastry, and baking arts, and resort and hotel management.

Philip’s College:

Tuition: $13,980

By the end of your course, you’ll finish as an Associate of Applied Arts in Culinary Arts, including an Associate of Applied Arts degree in Culinary Arts, Baking and Pastry Arts, and Hospitality Management.

Boston University Metropolitan College:

Tuition: $14,200

You will obtain certification in culinary arts. These classes are capped at 12 students per semester to ensure one-on-one learning. 

College of Southern Nevada

Tuition: $16,733

The classes here take part in state-of-the-art kitchens, and by the end of your course, you’ll have obtained an Associate of Applied Science in Culinary Arts degree.

Sullivan University:

Tuition: $13,860

You’ll graduate with an Associate of Science in Culinary Arts or Associate of Science in Baking and Pastry Arts.

Great Lakes Culinary Institute at Northwestern Michigan College:

Tuition: $20,100

You will obtain an associate’s degree in culinary arts through hands-on training in state-of-the-art kitchens.

San Francisco cooking school:

Tuition: $29,275

This is a prestigious and high-ranking cooking school. You will graduate with a professional certification in culinary arts.

The Restaurant School at Walnut Hill College:

Tuition: $50,220 

This highly prestigious cooking school offers a degree in culinary arts or pastry arts.

How Can I Enlist in Culinary School?

Culinary Schools Cost, How Much Do Culinary Schools Cost?

Similar to other schools. Culinary schools have a basic entry requirement. This requirement is often a high school diploma or GED. However, many Culinary schools do not require any form of standardized test scores. Some may request aspiring chefs to use their ACT or SAT scores for placement at schools, not necessarily acceptance. Other culinary schools might ask applicants to take a placement test if they do not have ACT or SAT scores. 

  • Your first step to enlisting in a Culinary school would be to find one that you like and can afford. 
  • Student loan to finance your studies, it is best to have a Culinary school in mind before applying. This will ensure that you know what loan amount to apply for.
  • You can either apply online to the Culinary school of your choice or visit the school. Most Culinary schools work on a first apply, first accepted basis. Be sure not to waste time with your application.
  • After your application has been completed, all you have to do is wait to be accepted.

Culinary Perfection

Culinary school tuition is not cheap. But it is worth paying for. If you pursue a career as a chef in a high-class restaurant. It is best to go to a high-quality school that offers high-quality training. 

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