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Communication Education Safety Act – Purpose


The Communication Education Safety Act has been implemented within schools as well as in everyday life to prevent injuries and harm. The act focuses not only on injury prevention but also on safety resources and support for students’ educational systems. The act provides students with the opportunity to learn valuable life skills. They also learn how to evaluate information, community standards, norms, and values.

What is the Communication Education Safety Act

The Community Education Safety Act has been put in place to define behavioural expectations of law enforcement and citizens. It was set out as an instruction to students from grade 9 to grade 12, on how to properly interact with law enforcement or peace officers. The goal of this interaction is to guide young people on what to know during traffic stops as well as other encounters. This ensures the safety of both the officers and citizens involved. 

It has since then gained many other programs to help ensure the safety of all members of the community. 

There are different types of educational programs available as part of the act, such as:

  • A police ride-along program:

This enables the public to see firsthand what it is like in the life of a police officer. 

  • Safety tips:

You can learn how to protect yourself and others whilst creating a safe environment.

  • Internships:

College students are able to enroll in an 8-week internship. They’ll gain valuable experience to prepare them for a career in law enforcement.

  • First Aid and CPR:

Members of the public can get certified in first aid and CPR to provide safe assistance in emergencies.

  • Police community relations:

These are informational programs offered to the community on various topics 

  • RAD Women’s self-defense:

Women are taught self-defense through the Rape Aggression Defence (RAD) system in this program. This program contains both safety discussions and self-defense techniques. 

  • A.L.I.C.E intruder training:

This program mentally prepares the community in case of attacks by a violent intruder. You’ll learn self-defense skills and confidence in these situations. 

The act also includes the criteria that need to be met when creating a neighborhood watch group and it bans the use of mobile phones in vehicles. 

What Are the Communication Education Safety Act Stipulations?

Communication Education Safety Act, Communication Education Safety Act – Purpose

On the 27th of August 2018, the community safety education act became effective. 

In this act, certain rules and instructions have been laid out. These rules and instructions have to be implemented by law. 

The act focuses not only on teaching young members of the community how to interact with law enforcement but also on keeping other members of the community safe. 

An example of this is the Communication Education Safety Act clause: 

  • In case of an accident, drivers are legally required to stop their vehicle if their vehicle has caused any damage or injury. 
  • The driver is required to call emergency services if anyone is injured.
  • The details of any witnesses should be taken down. 

Some of the violations of the act also include:

  • Driving without a seatbelt
  • Making an illegal u-turn
  • Driving too close behind another vehicle
  • Texting while driving
  • Not using your turn signals
  • Excessive display of acceleration

Where is the Education Safety Act Implemented?

Communication Education Safety Act, Communication Education Safety Act – Purpose

The “Community Safety Education Act”, which is formally known as “Senate Bill 30”, was passed by the 85th Texas Legislature, Regular Session, 2017. The act is not only implemented in schools but in everyday life. 

The act requires all schools to follow the legislation added Section 28.012, with regards to interaction with law enforcement!

What is the Main Purpose of The Education Act?

The purpose of the Community Education Safety Act is to protect young students from reckless behavior and injury. 

It is also helpful in teaching adults how to protect themselves and others. As well as how to reduce tension and anxieties that arise during interactions between citizens and law enforcement officers.

Main Purposes:

  • To develop and combine the progress of traffic rules and Public activities. This includes respecting gender equity. 
  • To ensure that all members of the community have access to different forms of conflict resolution. This is to ensure social peace.
  • To train and sensitize members of the justice system on human rights. With the rights of women, children, and adolescents being the main focus.
  • To rehabilitate and re-educate inmates serving sentences, as well as to provide them with the assistance and supervision that they might need to stay away from crime.

The Act

The Community Education Safety Act has been created to protect members of the community from reckless decisions and injury. It is beneficial in terms of safety and interaction in stressful situations.

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