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The Best 5 Foolproof Ways to Feel Like a College Student Empress


College student empress – Learn more with My Education Compass! Having numerous friends can make you feel more socially supported, improve your mood, and lessen stress like a college student empress. 

Focus on becoming a college student empress that people want to be around if you want to become popular. 

Participating in various organizations and activities can also increase your visibility and esteem within your school. Popularity will come if you put yourself out there and work to be more social.

1. How to Make New Friends

college student empress, college planner pro, The Best 5 Foolproof Ways to Feel Like a College Student Empress

1. Make it a point to make new pals

Even though it sounds unusual, having goals can help you meet new people. This is particularly true if you tend to be shy. 

Setting modest objectives for yourself will help you gradually come out of your shell and increase your appeal:

  1. Make modest initial goals for yourself with your college planner pro. For instance, you could introduce yourself to a new individual before class on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
  2. Try to establish more ambitious goals as you gain confidence in social situations. You can commit to attending the birthday celebration to which you were invited and make an effort to speak with at least three new individuals.
  3. You’ll soon feel much more comfortable socializing if you’re tenacious in pursuing your objectives. You might meet a lot of new people and create a lot of new friends as a result.

2. Encourage Guests to Hang Out

college student empress, college planner pro, The Best 5 Foolproof Ways to Feel Like a College Student Empress

It would help if you put more effort into socializing outside the classroom to make more friends. Invite someone over once you feel comfortable hanging out at school. Ask a friend if they want to get coffee or go to a movie. 

Try organizing a group to go somewhere enjoyable, like the mall:

  1. Feel free to do so if you powerfully connect with a popular girl from school and want to ask her out on something. 
  2. If you get along with them in class, someone is more likely to be open to spending time with you outside of the classroom.

3. Engage in Social Media Activity

Popularity can be aided by social media, especially in high school. Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Tik Tok, and other social media platforms are popular among teenagers. 

Online conversations and connections are every day, as are invited to events:

  1. Learn about the prominent social media accounts at your school. Create an account if popular girls are interested in Snapchat. 

However, before creating particular social media accounts, you should speak with your parents to ensure it’s acceptable in your household.

  1. Pay attention to meaningful online conversations. Personalized messages typically have better response rates than impersonal status updates. 

Congratulate a popular girl for succeeding in a spelling competition or being accepted into a summer internship program.

  1. Remember that a virtual friend cannot replace a real friend. Although online interaction can improve current connections, stay away from online dating. 

Not only will this not help your popularity in general, but it might also put your safety at risk.

4. Be Friendly and Nice to Everyone

If you want more friends, you need something to offer people as a college student empress. Remember the Golden Rule when seeking out new friends, and treat others as you wish to be treated. 

People are naturally drawn to people who are respectful, courteous, and kind to others:

  1. Avoid being overly kind to avoid coming across as false and leaving others wondering who you really are. 
  2. To avoid overstretching your resources and coming across as untruthful, be cordial to everyone but save particular acts of charity for your true friends.

5. Rejection Shouldn’t be Personal

college student empress, college planner pro, The Best 5 Foolproof Ways to Feel Like a College Student Empress

One of the main reasons people are reluctant to put themselves out there is fear of rejection. However, everyone experiences rejection. 

Someone may not be interested in your friends because they want to avoid going to a movie with you on a specific Friday:

  1. Yes, people have other responsibilities. A college student empress might be busy if she turns down your offer for coffee. Don’t let this setback cause you to revert to your old ways.
  2. Keep in mind that you don’t know a lot about other individuals. Everyone you talk to has a long list of responsibilities and concerns you need to know. 
  3. If someone replies “No,” they can appear shy or preoccupied.
  4. Consider being rejected as a minor setback. If they answer “No” the first time, you can ask them to hang out again in a few weeks.
  5. Keep in mind that you can be well-liked by some to stand out truly.

How to Get Involved in Your School

1. Join a Group

You must be seen and recognized by other students at your school if you want to be a college student empress. 

Participating in extracurricular activities by your college planner pro can help you advance your standing and will look good on a future resume. 

It also allows you to meet new people and become more well-liked:

  1. By using your college planner pro and joining a club that reflects your interests, you can meet people who share your interests. For instance, joining the newspaper club can be beneficial if journalism is your area of interest.
  2. You should look at the types of groups the popular kids are joining if you’re focusing on popularity. 
  3. If all of the school’s popular boys and girls are debating club members, this would be a fantastic venue to meet them.
  4. The club’s events won’t help you become well-liked. Instead, what will make you popular is that you enjoy participating in club events, and this passion spreads to others because you own it, value it, and want to spread joy.
  5. You could form one if there isn’t a club for your hobby. This brave, bold, and hazardous decision will make you stand out for all the right reasons since you’re breaking the mold and inspiring others to follow suit.

2. Participate in Sports

college student empress, college planner pro, The Best 5 Foolproof Ways to Feel Like a College Student Empress

Both boys and girls participate in sports and athletics in many schools. It can be possible to meet popular pupils by joining a sports team. 

You may become well-known if you succeed in athletics:

  1. If you need to become more experienced in a particular sport, practice. Shoot hoops at a nearby park, for instance, if you wish to join the basketball squad.
  2. To enter some clubs, you need to get in shape. When it comes to getting in shape, start slowly so you don’t exhaust yourself. Work your way up by beginning with short workouts by using your college planner pro.
  3. If you aren’t chosen for a school sports team, stay calm. Keep in mind that you can constantly reapply the following year. 
  4. If you want to improve for the tryouts next year, it’s also critical to maintain your fitness. It is essential to give it your all because there is always an opportunity to meet new individuals.

3. Run for Student Council

Are the class presidents, treasurers, and representatives popular in your school? If so, you may benefit from running for student council when elections are held this year, when you get a campaign team together and go for a spot in the student council. 

This will show everyone you’re confident in who you are and what you stand for:

  1. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the requirements for running for student council. You might have to sign up by a specified date and obtain your parents’ or guardians’ consent.
  2. Create a catchy campaign slogan, and display it on eye-catching poster boards. Posters should be shown all over the campus and college planner pro.
  3. Create a strong campaign speech outlining your qualifications for your chosen post.
  4. When used with care and concern for others, leadership abilities can help you become more popular. Your ability to lead others might make you stand out from the crowd.

Ways to Feel Like a College Student Empress…

You can’t make someone like you. However, you can improve your social, kindness, and listening skills. 

If, after everything, these girls still don’t like you, focus on making your friendships stronger. You can have many close friends and still be a college student empress without necessarily belonging to the popular clique.

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