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The Best Schools For Biology


Finding the best schools for Biology may be a difficult task but with the help from My Education Compass, we can guide you in the right direction! The study of biology is about living things and how they relate. So it is normal to be wondering if it would be the right fit for you.

Why Biology?

When studying towards a biology major, you receive an in-depth understanding of the natural world and how it works. When working towards your biology degree, you’ll learn how to conduct research, solve problems, organize and think critically. 

You’ll notice that graduating with a degree in biology opens the door to many great job opportunities. It does not matter if your interests are in the environment, agriculture, wildlife, botany, laboratory services, or any other science-related field. You’ll always have job opportunities available.  

What Jobs Can I Get With a Degree in Biology?

A degree in biology would allow you to partake in various career paths. If you’re looking to pursue a biology degree, look at all the possible fields you could enter once the degree has been obtained. 

  • Biological Technician
  • Biochemist
  • Health Communications Specialist
  • Biology Teacher
  • Pharmaceutical Sales
  • Agricultural and Food Scientist
  • Microbiologist
  • Environmental Scientist
  • Wildlife Biologist
  • Science Writer
  • Conservation Scientist
  • Medical Equipment Sales

As a biology graduate, you could even be accepted into medical school, allowing you to pursue a career in medicine.

Can I Study Biology Online

Studying biology online allows you to learn at your own pace in the comfort of your own home. Choosing an online biology degree is ideal for students who cannot attend in-person classes due to other obligations. It is entirely possible to study biology online and obtain your degree in such a manner. Online studies make degrees accessible for all students, giving everyone the same opportunities. In addition, it creates a diverse learning environment, making it a much more inclusive way of studying.  

The Best Schools for Biology

Many schools offer online biology degrees. It’s up to you as the student to find the right one. We have, however, shortened the list by providing you with the best online schools to study biology from. 

  1. University of Maryland Global Campus: This University is the largest of the University system in Maryland. Their annual tuition is a mere $14,970. This public university offers inclusive learning with a variety of courses.
  2. Kean University: Kean University is a famous public university offering biology degrees. The tuition is $10,445, and their biology programs provide various options for students.
  3. Washington State University: This university offers high-demand biology courses to obtain your degree. With tuition of only $11,829, you’ll learn many valuable skills and obtain a broad knowledge base in biological sciences. 
  4. Arizona State University: Their biology program helps students obtain a valuable and broad understanding of the many disciplines in biology. With a tuition of $18,030, their key focuses are on genetic and environmental causes of diversity and evolution. 
  5. Oregon State University: The Oregon State University offers classes that ensure teachings in biological knowledge and current discoveries. It focuses on the essential roles of science and biology in the future and our everyday lives. Tuition for this university is $14,310
  6. Unity College: Unity college offers an introduction to biology course that emphasizes the common attributes of living organisms. Tuition for this university is $14,100.
  7. Life University: This University offers a Bachelor of Science in Biology program that focuses on teaching students the foundation of biology and a sense of respect and responsibility for our role as humans. Their tuition is $12,549. 
  8. University of Florida: The University of Florida offers a Bachelor of Arts in Biology degree program that provides students with broad training in biology. The tuition for the University of Florida is $15,000.
  9. Florida International University: This university offers students an entirely online Bachelor of Arts in Biological Sciences program. Majoring in biology will expose students to a wide range of biological topics through this university. The tuition for this university is $10,376.

Choose Right – The Best Schools for Biology

Take the tuition into consideration when deciding on your future online school. A degree in biology offers many possible career paths. In addition, financial security is guaranteed with a degree in biology as the career possibilities stretch far and wide.

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