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The Best Political Science Undergraduate Programs


The best political science schools and the best political science undergraduate programs go hand-in-hand. You should ensure that you are going to a program of school that suits all your needs!

The study of Political Science is a course that combines history, current events, and analysis of these events. Often graduate students can specialize in a particular area of politics. However, like the current affairs in the world with the number of political conflicts and tensions, we are aware that we have not yet mastered civil politics and international relations. 

New practices and theories are constantly being put into place, so it is up to you to use this knowledge to make a difference, be it on a national or international level. Whether you are choosing a Bachelor of Arts or a Masters degree in Political Science, we will try to guide you through the top-ranked programs in the country. We take a look at the top 5 Political Science Undergraduate Programs schools according to the most recent QS survey done at the beginning of 2022: 

Note: the best political science schools are as follows:

  • Harvard University
  • Princeton University
  • Duke University 
  • Stanford University 
  • Yale University

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Harvard University

best political science undergraduate programs, The Best Political Science Undergraduate Programs

Harvard University first opened its doors in 1636 and is situated in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Harvard is one of the top private Ivy League Research Universities and is the oldest Higher Learning institution in the United States. It is well-known for being among the most prestigious schools in the world. They boast a Department of Government which, like political science, they offer a remarkable range of subjects. If you are interested in contemporary American Politics or passionate about the philosophies of Ancient Greece, there is a broad spectrum of topics to suit every individual chosen field. The extensive programs allow students to be flexible and explore their particular interests.

Princeton University

best political science undergraduate programs, The Best Political Science Undergraduate Programs

Princeton University is situated in New Jersey and was established in 1746. They have one of the most extensive undergraduate programs in the country for Political Science. Every year the Department of Politics offers 50 regular courses for graduates and supervises almost 100 seminars for those concentrating on politics. The undergraduate programs are broken up into four main fields: American Politics, International Politics, Comparative Politics, and Political Theory. With more than 150 students enrolled each year, it is clear that Political Science is one of the more popular concentrations on campus.

Duke University

best political science undergraduate programs, The Best Political Science Undergraduate Programs

Located in Durham, North Carolina, Duke University has been in existence since 1838.

Their undergraduate program is designed to give students a deeper understanding of Political processes, writing and communication skills, critical and independent thinking, and an analytical skillset. Duke produces highly successful majors who pursue dynamic careers in diverse Political Science fields. Many of these graduates further study law, business administration, or public administration. Duke can be considered one of the best political science schools!

Stanford University

best political science undergraduate programs, The Best Political Science Undergraduate Programs

Stanford is globally one of the best and largest in the United States. They opened doors in 1885 and have grown to accommodate nearly 17 000 students a year. Located in California, their undergraduate Political Science program provides students with a solid understanding of the American and international political systems, social movements, and diversity. In addition, students will learn how decisions are made and understand these decisions’ analytical skills. These skills will be helpful for government, non-profit organizations, and business careers. Their department offers a Bachelor of Arts degree and a Bachelor of Arts degree with Honors.

Yale University

best political science undergraduate programs, The Best Political Science Undergraduate Programs

It is the third-oldest institution of higher learning in America. Yale is seen, too many, as the best political science schools! It is situated in Connecticut one of the world’s most prestigious learning centers. They have an impressive faculty of 45 professors whose teaching and theories have spanned the globe. Their Political Science program sponsors and offers numerous lectures, conferences, and seminars available to the entire Yale community. With Political Science being the second-largest major on campus, they hold over 100 Ph.D. graduates and 400 undergraduates per year.

The Best Political Science Undergraduate Programs For You!

No matter your interest in the many branches of Political Science, be it in fieldwork or business, there are numerous undergraduate programs available in the United States. If a political science major is your chosen path, we encourage you to speak to the directors of these programs at a few institutions to find the right fit for you.

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