Are you searching for the best economics schools? Look no further! Economics is why we can understand the world around us and how it works. Economics helps us understand people and government, businesses, and markets. Economics plays an essential role in our society; therefore, studying towards a degree in economics is a great choice. How about economics and business? My Education Compass covers it all!

What is Meant by “Best Economics Schools”?

Economics is seen as a social science that analyzes goods and services’ production, distribution, and consumption. Economics aims to explain how the economy works and how economic agents interact. Financial analysis is not only applied in business but throughout society. It is applied in finance and government, crime, education, health, law, politics, religion, social institutions, war and science.

As a social science analysis, economics describes the consequences of numerous choices concerning scarce productive resources. The study of how individuals and societies employ resources is known as economics. This involves knowing what goods and services will be produced, how they will be produced, and how distribution will occur among society members. Economics is divided into microeconomics and macroeconomics. Many disciplines overlap with the areas of investigation in economics. These areas include history, mathematics, political science, and sociology. 

Careers in Economics

There are many careers to pursue with a degree in economics. As economics is such an essential part of society, a job in the field is almost guaranteed. Economics is more than just a major at college or an area of study. It is incorporated into our everyday lives. Economics majors are always welcomed in business-related fields. The broad and diverse knowledge obtained when studying economics allows students the freedom to choose a career that interests them and will enable them to grow and learn.

Possible Careers for Economics Majors are:

  1. Economist:

The most common job for someone with a degree in economics is an economist. The role of a professional economist is to look at economic trends around the world and research individual economic factors. The research of economists is used to predict how the economy will progress in the future. Economists often work for businesses and universities.  

  1. Financial Analyst:

When studying economics, you get to build on your number skills. This allows many graduates to enter careers as financial analysts. As a financial analyst, you mainly work with individuals, companies, or financial institutions’ financial assets. A financial analyst mainly looks at investments, bonds, stocks and shares, and legal tender. They analyze to analyze the best course of action for their clients. Their financial recommendations that make their clients money is based on research and analysis. 

  1. Accountant:

Accountancy is another popular career that your economics degree could push you towards. It deals with the financial side of things. As an accountant, your primary role is to take care of a client’s financial records. This could either be for a business or an individual. An accountant handles all the tax returns and payments and analyses all the risks of financial decisions. Accountants also recommend financial solutions for companies. 

  1. Actuary:

As an actuary, your role is to help protect companies. This is done by focusing on risks and finding ways to minimize those risks. The use of calculations, studying, and research to reporting their findings. Actuaries are hired by finance, IT, Healthcare and finance companies.

  1. Market Research Analyst:

The role of a market researcher is to gather information and use the economic experience to determine how well a certain product would sell. In addition, a market researcher collects data on their potential customers to learn about purchasing preferences. This role involves plenty of research and reports. These reports use quantitative data and graphs to present the results and findings. 

The 7 Best Economics Schools

best economics schools, Find the 7 Best Economics Schools – Here!

Finding the best economics schools could be challenging when presented with many possible results. That is why we did most of the research for you. Down below, you’ll find the most sought after economic schools in the U.S. 

Harvard University: 

best economics schools, Find the 7 Best Economics Schools – Here!

Harvard University offers a graduate and undergraduate Economics degree. Top professors and researchers present the programs to ensure quality education in every field of economics. Harvard is considered the best business economics schools for these reasons!

Massachusetts Institute of Technology:

best economics schools, Find the 7 Best Economics Schools – Here!

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is a highly sought after economics school. Their research focuses on all economic branches, including development economics, econometrics, financial economics, industrial organization, health economics, international economics, macroeconomics, political economy, public economy and public finance.

Princeton University:

best economics schools, Find the 7 Best Economics Schools – Here!
Princeton, New Jersey – April 14, 2017: People wander around the Princeton University Campus during early spring.

Princeton University is seen as one of the best economics schools that offers an economics department dedicated to inspiring and training the next generation of economic leaders. Princeton is an Ivy League institute. They offer graduate and undergraduate economics programs.

Stanford University:

best economics schools, Find the 7 Best Economics Schools – Here!

The economics department at Stanford University is committed to increasing the representation of underrepresented students. They offer graduate and undergraduate degrees. In addition, students can attend various workshops to advance their skills.

University of California:

best economics schools, Find the 7 Best Economics Schools – Here!

Berkeley economics falls under the University of California and is well known for its teaching and advising. In addition, they are well known for their innovative PhD graduates. Berkeley economics have done groundbreaking work in various economic research in all major fields.

Yale University:

best economics schools, Find the 7 Best Economics Schools – Here!

Yale University offers a graduate and undergraduate program. Their programs are challenging and rigorous and presented by a distinguished and accessible faculty. In addition, they have one of the largest economics departments in the United States. With professors researching topics in economics, students are sure to receive new information for their studies. 

Northwestern University:

best economics schools, Find the 7 Best Economics Schools – Here!

Northwestern University has a world-class economics department. The faculty is dedicated to teaching and research. Their economics major and minor are open to all undergraduate students. 

To School or Not to School

There is no doubt that a degree in economics will be highly beneficial. The degree will pay for itself within a few years. Economics has established itself career-wise in our society therefore, employment in this field is easy to find. Economics and business go hand in hand, so if you want more information on business school, go here!